Working Papers

What Works? Interventions Aimed at Reducing Student Dropout in Higher Education
Co-authored with Michael Rosholm
IZA DP No. 16853


Predicting Student Dropout in Higher Education: Using Machine Learning Methods to Identify At-Risk Students
Single authored

Predicting Dropouts: The Role of Non-Cognitive Skills
Co-authored with Alexander Koch and Julia Nafziger

Unlocking Potential: The Impact of Dyslexia Diagnosis and Support on Educational Outcomes and Well-being
Co-authored with Søren Albeck Nielsen

The Impact of Being Fully Committed to University on Dropout and Academic Performance
Co-authored with Alexander Koch and Julia Nafziger

Do Pupils’ Attitudes and Engagement with Science at Age 15 Predict Longer-Term STEM Outcomes?
Co-authored with Niels Bonderup Dohn, Astrid Jæger, Alexander Koch, and Søren Albeck Nielsen